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Webinar Length Is Around 35 Minutes.

It features master marketer, John Dwyer, a “marketing maverick” who Jerry Seinfeld trusted his last advertising campaign with.

John will be presenting a jaw-dropping NEW way for you to get leads & conversions, where you can offer prospective customers a Free 4 Day Luxury Vacation in return for doing business with you.

This is “incentive-based marketing” at its very best.

John will be joined by digital marketing expert, Mitch Gibson – who’ll be showing you HOW to gain a bucketload of “warm leads” using a clever Facebook advertising formula.

When you combine Mitch & John, you’ve got a “creative powerhouse” – & they have the “case studies” to prove they know what they’re doing when it comes to “customer-incentive” marketing!

Imagine being able to attract new customers with a powerful incentive like a Free Vacation – arguably valued up to $1,000 – but costs you less than 10% of this.

Welcome to the world’s most extraordinary “customer-incentive” – this will be 35 mins well spent, we assure you.

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Imagine The Competitive Advantage You’ll Have By Offering Your Prospects A Valuable Vacation Incentive!

In the “highly competitive” market you’re in, you want to avoid the trap of “discounting”.

It not only cheapens “your brand”, it’s simply NOT sustainable.

You want to “TAKE THEIR EYES OFF THE PRICE”, not focus on the dollars!

On this webinar, John & Mitch will be demonstrating WHY “price discounting” should be replaced with “value-adding”.

They’ll showcase a BRAND NEW way of getting leads & closing them…….& how you can retain your margin by “taking your prospects’ eyes OFF the price!”

And they’ll show you how your compelling incentive offer can be communicated via clever Facebook Ads.

It’s called “incentive-based” marketing – & it’s a jaw-dropping way of getting out of the “sea of sameness” that no doubt exists in your industry.

So Who Is John Dwyer & Why Should You Reserve Some Time To Listen To His Advice?

John Dwyer is a marketing enigma, specialising in “INCENTIVE-BASED” marketing advice.

When it comes to creating “warm leads” for any business, his thinking is refreshingly unconventional.

And he’s the guy who got Jerry Seinfeld out of retirement a few years back, to front an international bank’s advertising campaign!

As an in-demand marketing consultant, John has worked with clients such as News Ltd, 7 Eleven, KFC & Warner Bros.


In the instance of the Greater Building Society, John’s “Get A Home Loan & Get A Free Vacation” incentive campaign TRIPLED BUSINESS IN 18 MONTHS… BILLIONS of dollars.

And he scored a remarkable coup by signing comedian, Jerry Seinfeld, as the face of the Greater “Free Vacation” campaign.

He has helped all types of business skyrocket their revenues by doing things VERY DIFFERENT from “the norm”.

John knows that most business owners are flat-chat busy – so he has ensured that this concept is easy to implement – ie: “set & forget”.

John secured Jerry Seinfeld as a spokesperson for an Australian bank - a huge marketing coup

John secured Jerry Seinfeld as spokesperson for an Australian bank - a huge marketing coup.

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