How To Quickly Scale Your Real Estate Business With Vacation Incentives

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You’re in the real estate business.

Here’s how we believe you should run this incentive promotion.

Most realtors who have contacted us about this promotion say, “Oh, we’ll give the vacation away with listings.”

However, we advise AGAINST this, as let’s face it – it’s unlikely that a complimentary 4 day vacation will influence a homeowner to “list” their half a million dollar or million dollar property with you over another agent.

However, what you want of course is more CMAs – because conventional wisdom says the more Comparative Market Analyses you get, the more listings you will get.

So we recommend that you give the free vacation away with a Comparative Market Analysis.

We understand that the conversion rate of CMAs TO LISTINGS differs from realtor to realtor.

But let’s just say for argument’s sake, YOU get two or three listings from every 10 home valuation estimates you do.

And let’s just say that when you SELL a listing, your average commission is $15,000.

If you were to get say, 3 listings from giving away a free vacation to ten homeowners for inviting you to do a valuation estimate, the maths for YOU are pretty impressive.

TEN vacations at $97 each means an investment of $970 to get 10 CMAs.

But if just 3 of those CMAs turn into a LISTING…& you enjoy a $15,000 commission from the sale of each of those listings, you’ve just walked away with $45,000 for a modest $970 investment!

We’re guessing you’d be happy to DO THAT every day of the week!

So as you can see, it makes so much more sense to give the complimentary vacation away with a CMA.

We suggest that on your Facebook ads or direct mail, you might say something like this:

“Hi, we’re interested in learning the value of lots of homes in the area – due to the volume of inquiries from potential purchasers.

And of course the best way to get a good appreciation for home values is to do home valuation estimates.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS….if you allow us to visit & provide you with such an estimate, we’ll give you a 4 DAY USA VACATION FOR TWO absolutely FREE.

So it’s a WIN/WIN…WE update our knowledge on the estimated value of homes in our area.

And YOU find out HOW MUCH YOUR HOME MIGHT BE WORTH…& RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY 4 DAY VACATION…. with your choice of destinations like Las Vegas, Orlando, Yosemite, Colorado Springs, Palm Springs & many more!”

It’s as simple as that.

Notice we suggest you use plain English in any advertising, as it’s unlikely homeowners will know what a CMA is!

Of course you want to ensure you DON’T end up doing CMAs for tire-kickers – so when a homeowner responds to your Facebook ad or direct mail, they go to a landing page that has pre-qualification questions.

So you’d obviously ensure that THEY WERE THE OWNERS of the property & perhaps ask if they might be thinking of selling at some stage in the future…& all the usual “qualification questions” you’d normally ask.

If they DON’T provide you with the appropriate responses, you DON’T give them a CMA – plain & simple.

So you don’t waste your time.

So there you have it – a pretty powerful incentive to attract LOTS MORE HOME CMAs – & knowing that for every 10 valuation estimates, you convert a certain percentage into LISTINGS, we trust you’ll see that THIS vacation incentive could possibly be a GAME-CHANGER for your income!

The service is limited to one Real Estate business per zip code.

Check To See If Your Zip Code Is Available!

The Simple 3-Step Process For Your
Real Estate Business

1. Get Vacation Certificates

This unique Vacations Incentive Program allows you to attract new customers by offering complimentary vacations with purchases.

Think of your “Free Vacation” offer as a powerful alternative to price-discounting.

(You can also enjoy a vacation yourself!)

2. We Help You Get Leads

Our team builds a Landing Page & Facebook Ads for you – & manages your FB ad campaign for 1 month – at no charge.

So we help you get leads by promoting your new offer of “buy from us & get a free vacation!”

3. Give Vacations to Customers

When a customer makes the required purchase or commitment, you give them a Vacation Certificate.

Your customer then chooses their destination & has 7 days to activate it & 18 months to travel.

What Your Customers Will Experience

A. Receives Vacation Certificate

Your customer receives their Vacation Certificate electronically via email & SMS – or you can download and print it for your customer.

B. Chooses Destination & Activates

Your customer visits a specific webpage on & selects destination. Your customer has 7 days to “activate” their vacation by paying the taxes & fees.

C. Makes Reservation & Travels

After “activation”, your customer has up to 18 months to lock in specific dates and choose their preferred hotel and take their vacation.

It’s Your Opportunity To Skyrocket Leads By Offering A Massive FREE BONUS!

(……And EVERYONE wants a complimentary vacation!)